Andy Hahn

Full Stack DeveloperEntrepreneurNaturalistEducator


Take a look at what I'm working on

nicasiaFrom people to packages to lunch. Handling anything that comes through your front door is as easy as a conversation. A voice first (Alexa) and Slack based visitor management tool that is built with node.js, and AWS serverless services. Deployed using Fullstack Serverless.
nicasiaWebsite for a service I provide as a beekeeper. Built using Gatsby and deployed with Fullstack Serverless
nicasiaDedicated to the cookbook our mom wrote for us when we moved out. This is a recipe blog built with Gatsby and using Netlify CMS for content management
nicasiaA serverless plugin that automatically creates an AWS CloudFront distribution that serves static web content from S3 and optionally routes API traffic to API Gateway.Github Repo
nicasiaGrains, perennial vegetables, and other assorted seeds.