Andy Hahn

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Andy Hahn


  • My mind is continually making connections and associations on the topic at hand. Many times I find them humorous and crack jokes or make puns. Sometimes these can be disruptive. Call me out if I am being disruptive.
  • I can become completely engrossed in topic or project to the exclusion of everything else, sometimes for months at a time. Many times this is a project I am doing at work, but not always. If I am not focused on what is important, I may need time to organize my thoughts and put them down. This can be writing, prototyping, some other form of expression, or simply time to context switch.
  • I can be opinionated and direct when I am. This is often taken as a position of authority and not being open to discussion. When in fact I am typically seeking other opinions to better vet the path forward. Do not let me shut you down! I would far rather hear what you have to say than be "right".
  • I need to have a deep understanding of what ever it is that I am taking on. At times I cannot start simple tasks without understanding things at a much deeper level than is needed. This is because I see many sides to things and need to know how they fit together to make decisions. I may ask odd tangential questions or have trouble getting started on a task while I am figuring things out. Support me in gaining understanding and we will do great things.
  • I find it hard to ask for things. If I'm beating around the bush remind me to be direct.